Webinar: Entrepreneurship Education – Your Practical Toolbox

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Did you know that young people who have been exposed to entrepreneurial projects during their education are 3 times more likely to start their own business?

Research shows that entrepreneurship education has a significant impact on young people’s professional potential as it:

  • increases creativeness and self-belief among young people
  • develops a range of soft and transferable skills associated with career success
  • leads to the creation of more start-ups
  • results in more innovative start-ups with higher turnover and more staff recruitment

Unfortunately, out of 38 education systems across EU, only 11 have a specific, consistent strategy for entrepreneurial education and England is not one of them!

The above findings and many more insightful data have been captured in the latest Eurydice Report are clearly indicating that developing and promoting entrepreneurship among young people should be a priority but in practice there is an inconsistency across tools and methods devoted to implementing entrepreneurship within education.

To provide you with a range of practical tools on entrepreneurship education, we were delighted to host a free webinar

with Adnan Mahmood, Chief Entrepreneurial Leader at Barking and Dagenham College

on Monday, 28th November at 1:00pm.

Adnan has a passion for project based learning where he has planned and delivered entrepreneurial projects developing the skill sets of his learners. Adnan was awarded the National Teacher of the Year Award in 2015, and supported the college winning the Best Entrepreneurial College of the Year.


During the webinar, Adnan shared good practice tips for inspiring young people to become entrepreneurs by implementing practical business projects.

As a co-founder and managing director of Employability Town, Klaudia Mitura hosted the webinar

to outline a range of EU programs to support your in-house projects.

 The Summary of The Key Points Discussed in the Webinar:

Part 1: Overview of Entrepreneurship Education 

Part 2: Ideas on Implementing Entrepreneurship Education

If you require more information or additional support on entrepreneurship education, please get in touch.