Tune in… Employability Town is on the radio!

“How to become super-employable” interview with Klaudia Mitura (MD@ EmployabilityTown) on 103.9 Voice FM & Unity 101.


Over the past few weeks, our MD Klaudia Mitura has been invited by two local radio stations in Southampton to explore in the depth the hot topic of how young people can become super-employable and impress employers in the current job market. We spoke about employability and enterprise skills as well as National Careers Week 2015.

It was an incredible experience to share my knowledge and tips with young people on such a large scale.  I must admit it was my first time on the radio so thank you to everyone involved that made that experience so unforgettable! –  Klaudia Mitura, MD

Voice FM

voice fm

103.9 Voice FM is Southampton’s truly local radio station. Broadcasting from St. Mary’s in the city, the station went live in 2011 to provide a service to the local community, both as a hit music station and an education and training service.

As a radio station that is widely listened to by local students, we invited Klaudia to Voice Brunch to explore the topics of employability and entrepreneurship which are so important to our audience. It was extremely engaging and stimulating interview with practical steps to  help young people to achieve their full potential – said Ilona Kuzak,  show presenter

voice fm photo 2
At Voice FM Brunch with Renata, Ilona & Paul with our guest Klaudia Mitura – Founder of Employability Town; Finalist oin the Education Innovation Awards 2014 and even dancing to prove how important it is to be proactive

Unity 101


“By the community, for the community and to the community”. Unity 101 aims to promote and broadcast music and culture of the Asian & ethnic communities of Southampton. They also provide the training and skills required, so volunteers and listeners are better able to participate more fully in a cohesive society.

We invited Klaudia to our radio station not only to share tips on developing soft employability skills of young people but also to hear her story of setting up and running her own business. She truly inspired our audience by her great story of Polish entrepreneurs helping to maximize the potential of young people – Renata Bogus,  interviewer

101 Unity
In the Community Hour Renata Bogus hosts with her guest Klaudia Mitura Managing Director, Founder of Employability Town in Reading; Entrepreneur, Work Psychologist; Finalist in the Education Innovation Awards UK. They will talk about how to become super employable — with Ilona Emilia Kuzak, Klaudia Mitura and Renata Bogus.

We very much enjoyed being on both stations, telling our story and helping to spread the word about the importance of soft employabilty skills. If you would like to listen again please click the links here for Voice FM and here for Unity 101.