The Future Of Work – What skills do young people need?

Within the constant advancements of technology and pace of globalisation, educators are required to prepare young people for success in a modern, digital 21st century society and new types of jobs many of which are still unknown today.

A great challenge – but what does this actually mean?

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The 21st Century Learning Design Rubrics

The 21st Century Learning Design Rubrics helps educators identify and understand the opportunities that learning activities give young people to build 21st century skills.

The guide describes six rubrics of 21st century learning, each of which represents an
important skill for young people to develop. These are:

  • collaboration
  • knowledge construction
  • self-regulation
  • real-world problem-solving and innovation
  • the use of ICT
  • skilled communication

These rubrics were developed and tested internationally for the Innovative Teaching and Learning Research project. What do businesses say?

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The Business Point of View

Freeformers – a digital transformation company – has an entire blog section dedicated to the Future of Work where they ask experts to predict trends of the future society. In one of their articles, Eleanor H. a product designer at Twitter writes:

  • The job landscape will be different. Any task that can be repeated will be replaced by automation. This will leave us to do the things we do best, as humans. We’ll see more arts, more creativity, more thinking, more collaboration. We’ll generate higher value tasks and solve great problems that we cannot even begin to wrap our heads around yet.

The soft skills also goes hand in hand with a right mindset. The author of the article 3 essential skills required for future success stresses the importance of young people developing a certain mindset that focuses on:

  • Fostering an approach that isn’t tied to any one technology, but is centered on getting something done in the most efficient way
  • Understanding the power of your (people) network
  • Fostering a build-measure-learn mindset
  • Therefore, there seems to be consensus that despite the type of jobs that will be out there, the power of soft skills will be needed more than ever. 

The Takeway

Therefore, even though we do not have a crystal ball to precisely predict the type of opportunities that will be available in the future, the consensus is that the power of soft skills will be needed more than ever.