Presenting skills to employers

  • Scope: Workshop on how to present professional skills to employers
  • Client: Newbury College

Employability Town meets with students at Newbury College to introduce them to some tips and techniques on how to sell their skills to employers.

Our career success highly depends on our ability to present our strengths to others in a way that they become convinced of our professional potential. Because of this fact, Employability Town strongly believes that some of the most important soft employability skills you can develop are presentation skills.

Newbury College is committed to high quality learning opportunities for all individuals and employers in West Berkshire and the surrounding areas. With that mission in mind, Newbury College invited Employability Town to run a workshop for their Year 1 Business students.

Employability Town contributed to the development of the young people’s presentation skills by providing a range of interactive exercises on selling their skills to employers. During the workshop, young people:

  • Explored a range of methods for presenting their skills on CVs & job applications
  • Learnt about generating an excellent first impression during an interview
  • Prepared and practiced their elevator pitch
  • Practiced illustrating their own strengths with persuasive examples

The most enjoyed activity was a quiz – complete with buzzers – which put the young people into a competitive mood whilst strengthening their team working abilities. Students also reported that writing an elevator pitch was an extremely useful exercise that allowed them to summarise all their achievements in a short and snappy way! We were pleased to watch their confidence grow when providing a final presentation at the end of the workshop.

Employability Town is looking forward to supporting students at Newbury College in relation to their enterprise activities in the next academic year.