Xbox or workshops? – Half-term inspiration for Polish Teenagers

  • Scope: Interpersonal Skills Training
  • Client: Polish Psychologists’ Association (PPA)

Employability Town joins the Polish Psychologists’ Association in their campaign to inspire and engage young people.

Laptop, Xbox, Iphone, Ipad- you name it and you can be sure that young people are using these devices daily – often to excess. Of course these technologies can be used to enhance learning but when it comes to soft business skills such as communication and teamwork the best place to practice is the good old-fashioned classroom.

With the above in mind, the Polish Psychologists’ Association (PPA), invited Employability Town to join their campaign: “Friendship-Development-Inspiration”. PPA is a charity that provides professional psychological support to the Polish community within the UK. The campaign, undertaken during the half term, was aimed at engaging young people to work on personal development rather than sitting at home in front of a screen. It was packed with interactive exercises which allowed the Polish teenagers to meet new friends, engage in a range of creative activities, and most importantly to shape their soft business skills.

The campaign kicked off on 17th February with Employability Town running a full day of training on interpersonal skills. With the use of interactive games and team work activities, we explored with the young people such topics as:

  • What do you see? The influence of points of view on our communication style
  • Are we really listening? The power of active listening
  • Can you spot who is lying? The importance of body language
  • What does it mean to be assertive? Using the language of benefits daily
  • No man is an island. The principals behind team work

The day was a great success with the young people not only being equipped with a practical communication toolbox but also feeling fully inspired and ready to participate in the rest of the campaign.