Supporting young people, supporting local communities

  • Scope: Workshops on soft employability skills to support young people's journey to deliver successful projects for their local community.
  • Client: Groundwork South

Employability Town celebrates supporting Groundwork South in their delivery of National Citizen Service (NCS) for over a year.

During summer 2014 Employability Town ran workshops to boost the soft employability skills of young people and therefore support their journey to deliver successful projects for their local community.

Groundwork is a UK Charity that helps people to create better places, to improve their prospects and to live and work in a greener way. One of the Groundwork projects is the delivery of NCS which is part of the Government’s vision to create a Big Society.

At Groundwork, Employability Town engaged with 16-17 years old who were taking part in NCS and were about to complete a social project with the aim of enhancing their local community. Employability Town delivered a workshop with two main goals in mind: shaping awareness of employability skills as well as supporting young people in the successful delivery of their chosen projects. In order to achieve the first goal, we explored with NCS participants how to present their transferable skills to employers on CVs, during interviews and at networking events. To fulfil the second aim, we packed the workshops with practical exercises that required young people to develop further their communication, time management, teamwork and problem solving skills.

In order to find out what young people truly thought about our workshops as well as evaluate the potential impact of our sessions on young people’s future, we asked every single participant about his/her views. The feedback has been summarized in the below infographic.

Additionally, since the workshops were highly interactive and packed with fun and engaging activities, young people had a chance to create a range of materials and performances summarizing the key learning points. You can explore below a gallery of some of their creative posters.

What Team Leaders at Groundwork said about our workshop…

Our team of 17 year olds left Klaudia’s session armed with skills they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.  Her sessions were interesting and engaging and gave our team of young people practical information on applying for jobs, as well as helping them to identify the important “Employability” skills they already have! Klaudia used relevant examples which energetically illustrated her employability lessons, but also supported our young people in thinking about their social action projects.  I would highly recommend Employability Town to anyone attempting to navigate the world of work!

Throughout this workshop, Klaudia implicitly demonstrates the essential communication skills that she advocates for successful job applications (for example, checking information conveyed is understood), which meant that she immediately engaged the room. She made excellent use of a quiz to assess current knowledge of the topic, used age-appropriate metaphors (such as smart phones and Formula One) to help the young people think through the job application process, and utilized an example C.V to explore its effectiveness in relation to an example job description. Klaudia had interesting ways of getting her points across (such as using a fun circle game to emphasise ‘active listening’) and encouraged engaged behaviour throughout, by showing respect and enthusing the workshop with a fantastic amount of energy”.