Supporting jobseekers on their route to employment

  • Scope: A workshop on presenting skills to employers for jobseekers
  • Client: Earley CResCent Resource Centre

Employability Town equips jobseekers with a selection of exceptional tools to enhance their job hunting skills.

Nowadays the route to employment has more in common with a four-lane highway than a countryside road. There is a lot of traffic heading for the same destination, it flows very fast, and if you are not careful others not only will overtake you but you may also end up in the wrong lane… If current jobseekers want to achieve the careers of their dreams, they need to have a range of skills and tools in their repertoire that will allow them to move quickly and effectively on the highway.

Earley CResCent Resource Centre in Lower Earley is fully aware of these challenges faced by current jobseekers, therefore they organise a range of support that will give jobseekers that extra advantage in the job market. As a local company, Employability Town was asked to assist Early CResCent to increase the employability of their jobseekers by running a workshop on presenting skills to employers.

During the workshop, Employability Town introduced participants to a set of exceptional methods of presenting skills to employers on CVs, applications forms and LinkedIn. When it comes to soft employability skills, the best way to master them is to practice, practice, practice; therefore the session was packed with interactive exercises, role plays and quizzes.

We were happy to discover that our session was very inspirational for the participants who immediately put the learnt tips into practice and even contacted us directly to show off the end results of their new hunting tools. Also we have been informed that there is already a waiting list for the next workshop with us!

What participants said about our session: 

“I enjoyed the workshop run by Employability Town and found it very useful. The workshop really makes you think about things from the employers’ point of view and what they are looking for so gives you handy tips to take away. I found it very engaging and fun too!”

“Employability Town presentation skills workshop was fun and informative. I went home motivated, energised and equipped to make fundamental improvements to my CV”