Our final words to College leavers

  • Scope: Workshop on survival tips for College leavers
  • Client: East Berkshire College

Employability Town meets with students of Advance2Go Retail course at East Berkshire College to provide them with final tips to ensure their success after graduation.

East Berkshire College is a thriving Further Education college based in the Thames Valley. With colleges in Langley and Windsor, they provide over 800 part-time and full-time courses, in subjects varying from forensic science to plumbing, as well as apprenticeships.

With their forward thinking regarding their students’ careers, they faced us with a challenge. They simply asked: What would be your piece of advice to give to College leavers? What would you say to make them feel inspired and motivated so that their fears of a challenging career future would wash away?

When faced with these questions, we thought hard and long and as a result we designed a workshop on survival tips for College leavers. We combined our knowledge to produce a session which covered a range of key topics starting from “What do employers really want?” and finishing on “What are the key myths about the recruitment process?” We dressed up the above content into quizzes, visual illusions, team exercises and we ended up with a workshop that made East Berkshire students excited about their future! Many statements such as “I love this” were commonly used on the day – which we always like to hear!  We are looking forward to collaborating with East Berkshire College on more sessions from September onwards.

What did the tutor say about our session?

Our courses are designed to engage young people to enjoy their education but our priority is allowing them to develop into confident individuals with the skills to progress into further education and/or employment. We asked Employability Town to work with a group of learners who we felt would benefit from extra input in this area. The students fully engaged with the workshop and they came away feeling inspired and having a greater awareness of the world of work. As a teacher I felt the session was very well planned with an interactive range of resources and activities.