Developing Employability Skills @ NCS Summer 2015

  • Scope: A range of workshops on soft employability and enterprise skills delivered as a part of NCS Summer 2015
  • Client: Oxfordshire County Council, Youth Options, Catch22, Engage4Life, Charlton Athletic Community Trust.

Employability Town has been supporting the successful delivery of National Citizen Service program across the UK for over two years.

This summer, Employability Town has been on the road supporting the successful delivery of National Citizen Service Summer 2015.

NCS is a program that brings together young people from different backgrounds and helps them to develop greater confidence, self-awareness and responsibility while they learn how to contribute to the development of their local community.

Employability Town had a pleasure to work with five different NCS providers across the UK delivering a range of face to face to workshops to young people.

Below you will find an infographic displaying statistical insights of our workshop delivery, brief descriptions of programs delivered to each client and finally some examples of young people’s creative work.

NCS @ Oxfordshire County Council

In the deepest and darkest forests of Oxfordshire, we found ourselves in the middle of the NCS festival. With festive spirits, welly boots on and a sound system, we delivered a “Get Active” session with the aim of enhancing the soft skills of young people necessary for successful delivery of their social action projects. Young people worked very hard in their teams to discover and apply methods of effective goal setting, successful time management and professional presentation skills.


Great Workshop! Useful information, fun exercises, enthusiastic trainer. I learned a lot of useful life skills and enjoyed all interactive exercises. – NCS Oxfordshire Participant

Fantastic interactive sessions that can only but benefit the futures of all participants involved. Highly interactive and specific to the identified needs of the audience. Participants learn in a positive, high tempo atmosphere with Employability Town ensuring that the desired outcomes of the sessions are met. – NCS Coordinator

NCS @ Youth Options

From the Oxfordshire woods, we travelled to the coast at Southampton docks where we achieved the goal of boosting the networking and interview skills of young people as a part of their preparation for business mock interviews run later on in the program. This bunch not only put all their efforts to learn more about networking but they also decided to share their knowledge with their peers by creating a range of posters with tips and hints on successful networking! Explore our gallery at the end of this post:


This workshop was better than my expectations. It was enjoyable and informative. The trainer was incredibly enthusiastic. The content was very practical and useful for my future. Top-notch time! – NCS Youth Options Participant

NCS @ Catch22

Somewhere between Eastbourne and Hailisham, we faced NSC participants with an employability challenge: a CV quiz with buzzers, hidden job market true/false voting and finally interview role plays! The last one was particularly puzzling for some of the NCS participants but they all accepted the challenge and completed it bravely! We are feeling very proud!

NCS Catch22

Brilliant, upbeat, different! I really enjoyed it and learned a lot of useful skills for my future career. It was fun and energetic session. Thank you! – NCS Catch22 Participant

NCS @ Charlton Athletic Community Trust

In the walls of the public research university in Kent, we delivered interactive sessions to NCS participants who with a strong thirst for knowledge explored the successful methods of goal setting, time management and sales pitching. The enormous creativity of these participants was transformed into a range of inspiring posters. Again, explore our gallery at the end of this post:


NCS @ Engage4Life

In a luxury hotel in Bath, we took part in a Celebratory event during which young people were invited to interact in a marketplace featuring stands and pop in workshops offered by local, regional and national charities, services, businesses and organisations. We delivered a drop-in workshops on four different topics: methods of effective time management, SMART technique of goal settings, tips on CV writing and guidance on creating perfect business plan attracting investors. It was great celebration of young people’s skills and knowledge!

I found the workshop very useful and enjoyable. It was great to be put randomly into teams to meet and work with new people. I will definitely use some of the tips when planning my future. – NCS Engage4Life Participant

Employability Town contribution to our event was great. We got some great feedback from our participants about the workshops. Klaudia has also been very helpful in giving us a good price in line with our budget and also being easy to communicate with to plan. – NCS Engage4Life Coordinator.

Well done to all our participants!