Making career choices easier

  • Scope: An interactive workshop on importance of soft business skills when looking for work experience placement
  • Client: The Church of Pentecost UK

Employability Town joins the Career Event run by the Church of Pentecost UK in Reading to provide information on career choices available to their young people.

Church logoDeciding on the career choices may be a daunting and scary task for young people especially if they are not aware of all of the options available to them. In order to make that process smoother and easier, The Church of Pentecost UK organised a Careers and Education day for their young members.

The Church of Pentecost is a worldwide church that demonstrates the love of God through the provision of social services in partnership with governments, communities and other like-minded organizations. The Event was organized by the Youth Leaders across 4 branches; Slough, Reading, Bracknell and Oxford. The youth participants were aged 13-20 and they were all at key points in educational transitions so the purpose of this event was to impart information, advice and guidance to both the youth and parents.

In order to support local youth community, Employability Town contributed to the event by providing an interactive workshop on importance of soft business skills when looking for work experience placement. During the workshop, our group of school students was faced with such challenges as discovering the requirements of employers from potential work experience students, indentifying the obstacles when presenting their skills to employers, and finally checking their knowledge on recruitment process. The workshop activities led to heated discussion among participants as well as teamwork and collaboration.

With the help of Employability Town, the event was a fantastic success. The youth came away feeling optimistic and empowered about their future. Those who participated in the Employability Town workshop commented that they enjoyed the activity and particularly the passion and enthusiasm that came from Klaudia. It was a new way of thinking for them and opened up their minds to what employers would be looking for. The main point the young people identified was the fact it was so interactive and enjoyable and they learnt a lot at the same time.

What did the event organiser say about our session?

All the youth leaders we are highly grateful to Klaudia and her team and strongly recommend using their service. We are planning to run this type of event in future and will definitely invite Employability Town to participate. They were professional and adaptable and truly understood the needs of the youth. It is often difficult when running an event to know whether organisations will engage with young people and vice versa however Klaudia built rapport and engaged young people in seconds. Employability Town is an excellent learning tool for young people.