Helping young people to reach their full potential

  • Scope: Interactive workshops developing soft employability skills of young people
  • Client: Future Foundations

Employability Town supports Future Foundations in their delivery of National Citizen Service Summer 2014 by developing soft employability skills of young people.

At Employability Town we truly believe that volunteering and supporting local communities is crucial for the personal and professional development of young people. Our belief strongly interweaves  with the mission of Future Foundations, a charity with the aim of inspiring young people to achieve their full potential and become leaders in their lives and within society.

Employability Town has recently been delighted to support delivery of the National Citizen Service (NCS) in Reading run by Future Foundations. As part of the program, we delivered two types of workshops with the aim of developing the soft employability skills of young people:

  • Employability Boost – a workshop set up as a competition during which young people learned the key techniques of presenting and communicating their skills to employers while brushing up on their teamwork and problem solving skills
  • Managing Yourself in Time– a workshop with the aim of helping young people to manage their social projects effectively with use of key time management techniques

In order to find out what young people truly thought about our workshops as well as evaluate the potential impact of our sessions on young people’s future, we asked every single participant to share their views. The feedback has been summarized in the below infographic:

Additionally, since the workshops were highly interactive and packed with fun and engaging activities, young people had a chance to create a range of performances summarizing the key learning points. You can watch some of them in the video below: