Elevating Confidence and Soft Skills of Slough Youth

  • Scope: Delivering Soft Employability Skills to Slough Youth
  • Client: Elevate Slough (City Deals)

Employability Town supports Elevate Slough in their mission to help young jobseekers to start a successful career in the local community by engaging young people in an interactive workshop on soft employability skills.

Elevate Slough (City Deal) is a youth employment program aimed at 16-24 year olds offering help, advice and support on employment, work experience, volunteering and mentoring with the goal of reducing the number of NEETs (Not in Education Employment or Training) in the Slough community. Elevate Slough enhances the local offer of employment support in Slough and offers a set of online resources as well as a range of bespoke events and training for young jobseekers.

Elevate Slough

Since at Employability Town we truly believe that the soft employability skills of young people are the key to a successful career, we have been delighted to support the delivery of the Elevate Slough event “How to Become Super Employable”. The event took place on the 12th May 2015 in the Slough Aspire Centre and had two parts: a morning employability boost workshop and an afternoon networking event on traineeship opportunities.


As a part of the morning session, Employability Town delivered a 3 hour workshop on soft employability skills during which 15 young people had a chance to find out the answers to such questions as:

  • What skills do employers truly want?
  • What skills do I have on offer?
  • How to generate a professional first impression?
  • How to pitch my skills to employers?
  • What is the STAR model and how to use it during interviews?
  • Is my CV juicy enough to impress employers?

Additionally, the workshop was packed with a range of interactive exercises such as a quizzes or role plays allowing participants to practice the key soft skills: teamwork, problem solving and presentation skills.


After our morning session, the young people – with increased confidence as well as armed with a range of tools to impress employers – were ready to network with traineeships providers. The afternoon networking event allowed young people to apply for the traineeships offered by East Berkshire College, Work Ready People, and Hit Training as well as sign up for current leadership shadowing opportunities at O2. Finally, young people had the chance to engage with Waitrose volunteers who shared their tips and advice on job hunting techniques.

The event finished with a high success rate of each young person having a new career plan and a specific opportunity to undertake in the near future! Both Employability Town and Elevate Slough are truly delighted with the impact of the event on young people’s career pathway.


What did Elevate Slough say about our workshop?

This was a fabulous well run session which motivated the young people to fully participate and engage. The content of the session and how it was delivered enabled the young people to communicate their goals and they were proactive in seeking support. It was interesting to see how they began the day fairly quiet and were then able to interact with each other and network to the point where some of them left together!

What did young people think about our workshops?