Be a STAR during interviews

  • Scope: A workshop on presenting skills during interviews
  • Client: Aspire@Wokingham

Employability Town meets with students from Aspire@Wokingham to introduce them to tips and techniques on how to give an excellent performance during interviews.

It is often forgotten that in order to truly master the skill of performing well during interviews, you need to spend time on solid preparation and real-life practice. Both Employability Town and Aspire@Wokingham realise the challenges of mastering interview skills and have been providing young people with opportunities to improve them.

Aspire@Wokingham is a centre for young people, set up to give them the opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding of the world of work while continuing in education. The centre offers young people the opportunity to participate in a one year course to develop their employability skills in order to help them move onto high quality training or employment.

Employability Town contributed to the development of the young people’s employability skills by providing a workshop on interview techniques. During the workshop, young people:

  • Explored the importance of active listening during an interview
  • Demystified 10 common misconceptions on the recruitment process
  • Learnt the principles behind the STAR model of giving examples

The last topic was of most interest to young people as it allowed them to practice answering competency based interview questions with real world examples of their strengths. The young people really enjoyed the STAR model activity and provided excellent examples of their skills and achievements obtained during one year with Aspire@Wokingham.

Employability Town is looking forward to supporting Aspire@Wokingham students with their work experience preparation from September onwards.