Our Solutions – Employability Skills Consultancy

We help you to implement innovative solutions which will maximize young people's professional potential.


Developing the employability skills of young people can be achieved by implementing a range of innovative schemes. Since the needs of each organisation are different, we help you to implement solutions which will fit your specific requirements.  We work with your teams to create schemes that make the best use of your existing resources, skills, and budgets to develop and enhance your delivery of exceptional employability skills services.

The process of supporting young people into meaningful careers can be set out in four stages:

Stage 1 – Identify what skills the young person has to offer to potential employers and which of these are transferable if they would like to consider various industries.

Stage 2 – Understanding the job market in the local area or a specific industry so that the young person knows what opportunities are available and can decide what it is they want to aim for.

Stage 3 – Providing targeted training, work experience and support to the young person to give them the best possible range of skills and abilities to make them stand out of the crowd when approaching their ideal employer.

Stage 4 On-going support, evaluation and refining of the process to ensure the young person achieves and sustains their ideal career track.

Employability Town is your trusted and knowledgeable partner in developing and delivering this process. We can provide advice and consultancy at all of the above stages, from designing Jobshops through to setting up Work Experience and Employer Engagement schemes. Employability Town provides the tools, knowledge and experience to help make your young people ‘super employable’ and stand out from the crowd.