Make your participants fall in love with your workshops with one simple method.

Have you ever attended a workshop during which you were talked at for hours on end and after leaving you forgot most of the information presented?

If yes, you will know how painful it is to be a victim of “death by powerpoint”. Don’t repeat the same mistake when running your own events!Hart_2-01 

Make your participants fall in love with your workshops by increasing the session’s interactivity with use of the Kolb’s cycle.

Kolb’s cycle is a model that comprises four elements: experience, reflection, knowledge, and application. Because it is a cycle it can be started at any point.

Kolbs Cycle

Let’s say you are running a class on active listening. Instead of coming up with slides on which you put the definition of active listening with lots of methods of how to achieve it, and then presenting it to the group; you can do something more creative with use of the Kolb’s cycle. For example:

1. Experience- Allow participants to experience the phenomenon of active listening by engaging them in the activity when they are not able to really listen. For instance, ask them to stand in a circle with a pen in their hands. Read a story where you are using words “right” and “left” and asked them to move the pen accordingly. At the end, ask students a few questions of what happened in the story.

2. Reflection- Ask participants to discuss in groups what it is that happened in the exercise. Did they remember the story? If not, why not?

3. Knowledge– In the context of the exercise, now you can provide students with a short piece of information about the active listening.

4. Application- Ask participants to come up with methods that can help them to actively listen to others in day to day life. Ask them to present their findings to the group and add any additional ones that they missed. Finally, ask participants to practice different methods in trios where one person is talking, one listening and another observing the listener’s performance.

As presented above, with the use of Kolb’s cycle you can transform any topic into an interactive workshop that will be not only more fun for participants, but also will enhance their learning. At Employability Town we use this method to design all of the workshops and resources and we get fantastic feedback because of it.

Say no to “death by power point”!