Employability Town hosts a free event: Supporting Youth into Entrepreneurship

“Entrepreneurship can be taught and must be learned” was the theme behind our free event for all professionals working with young people to inspire youth to become entrepreneurs.

The event “Supporting Youth into Entrepreneurship” was held on 30th September in Europe House in the heart of London.

Over 50 attendees had the chance to hear from 5 inspirational speakers and then exchange good practice over a buffet lunch.

 Huge thanks to all our wonderful attendees! For those that missed it, below is a summary of the information presented during the event. 

young businesswoman drawing business plan

Klaudia Mitura from Employability Town outlines the scope of their work and introduces “Learn to Learn Entrepreneurship”.

Klaudia Mitura, Co-founder & Managing Director at Employability Town opened the event with a warm welcome.

Employability Town is a training company that helps young people to become super-employable by developing their soft employability and enterprise skills via use of interactive group workshops.


Klaudia provided an overview of Employability Town stressing that our concept of workshop delivery – super-employability – includes the power of having an entrepreneurial mindset which we believe is vital to getting a dream job, being successful at sustaining employment or starting up your own business.

She stressed that within the current competitive job market and digital society, business as usual is not an option. All innovative educators are required to prepare their young people for 21st century jobs and the demands of society to achieve higher sustainable growth and more innovation.

She also thanked all attendees for their hard work every day within their institutions impacting young people’s lives and therefore the future of our society.

Klaudia then moved on to introducing the following key aspects of “Learn to Learn Entrepreneurship”:


  • An EU- Funded programme through Erasmus+ KA2 – Strategic Partnerships for Vocational Education and Training.
  • The aim of supporting aspiring young entrepreneurs to develop and realize business ideas to be launched on the European and global markets.
  • The partnership composed of 6 partners from Spain, UK, Romania, Italy and Greece.
  • The partnership will produce a free online training course that will provide tools in all the essential aspects of the entrepreneurship process leading to the creation of a winning Business Plan.

Klaudia demonstrated the interactive demo course presenting the first chapters of module 2 of the course. Attendees had the chance to feedback on the demo as well as sign up for the testing of the course.

The testing of the course allows professionals to contribute to the course content and once the final course is released to implement the course within their institutions for the benefit of their young people for free with no expiry date.

If you would like to be part of our pilot group, please contact us on townmayor@employabilitytown.co.uk

Jan Kraus – a political officer in the European Commission Representation in London provides an overview of on entrepreneurship and adopted policies across the UK and Europe.

The first speaker Jan Kraus introduced the audience to the Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan & Entrepreneurship Education.


Jan explained in detail pillars 1 & 3 of the Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan:

FIRST PILLAR: Entrepreneurship education and training Based on the findings that an entrepreneurial mindset makes young people more creative, self-confident and more employable due to the implementation of soft skills as well as leads on average to three times more young people starting-up a business in the future. Unfortunately, out of 38 education systems across EU, only 11 have a specific, consistent strategy for entrepreneurial education. To offer all students a practical experience of entrepreneurship the following programs have been released:

THIRD PILLAR: Awareness & outreach to specific groups e.g. women:

Only 29% (11.6 million) of European entrepreneurs are set up by women. Women-led SMEs are less likely to use external finance than men, BUT there is evidence to suggest that those who did apply for finance were more successful than male-led SMEs. Existing support to encourage women to be entrepreneurs is as follows:

Nikola Hrnciarova – European Project Manager at Employability Town introduces a business exchange for aspiring entrepreneurs

Nikola spoke in depth about the second pillar of the Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan: creating an environment where entrepreneurs flourish & grow by supporting new entrepreneurs in their journey via Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs.  


Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme is an innovative response to the dual challenge of stimulating entrepreneurship and encouraging cross-border trade in Europe. It is an innovative exchange programme which gives aspiring new entrepreneurs an opportunity to undertake a placement abroad for the duration of 1 to 6 months to acquire the skills needed to run a small business as well as test their ideas in practice within their selected industry.


At the same time the program offers experienced entrepreneurs (owners of an SME) a chance to host within their business aspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups from another European country to share gained entrepreneurial experience, develop innovative products and services, access new skills and talent, improve growth of the company by establishing a partnership in other European markets and finally increase visibility and prestige of the company through EU press coverage.

Nikola stressed how proud Employability Town is to be one of the local contact points in London helping aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners and SMEs to participate in this innovative cross-border collaboration.

She outlined the success of Employability Town within the management of the program. Since February 2016 Employability Town has supported:

  • 4 New Entrepreneurs to find a host and go abroad
  • 7 small businesses to host an exchange within their organisation

Employability Town will continue delivering the programme in the UK until 2021.

The work and passion of the NE made our company more effective and innovative in the market.´ Host Entrepreneurs, Martin Cernic, CEO of Bio GreenPower Ltd.


´I learnt a lot of useful tips for my new horticulture business! I am ready to start now! ´New Entrepreneur Daniel Thomas on a business exchange in Spaindaniel-thomas

If you would like to find out more about the program, please contact us on townmayor@employabilitytown.co.uk

Alexis Liming – Chief Operating Officer at Enterprise Nation outlines the changes within modern entrepreneurship in the UK

Enterprise Nation is on a mission to create a more entrepreneurial society in the UK, helping people to start, run and grow their businesses.

Alexis started his speech with pointing out that entrepreneurship has become more and more accepted as a career choice within modern society as there has been an incredible transformation over the last 5 – 10 years.

Only a few years back if a young person would say that they are going to start their own business to their parents, careers advisor and friends they will be faced with worry, distress and laughter. Nowadays, however, that option is more acceptable, supported and even envied.

Hundreds of thousands of people are starting a new business each year – and that’s just measuring those that set up as a registered company. There are at least as many again running a business as a hobby on the side.


Alexis pointed out the reasons for this mindshift – entrepreneurship is more accessible than ever because of the following changes:

  • The internet has provided a platform that means that young entrepreneurs can be discovered, at low cost by someone at the other end of the country, or even the other side of the world
  • Digital platforms like Etsy, Ebay, NOTHS etc provide a ready-made marketplace to sell wares, making it easier, quicker and less expensive to get to market
  • Social media and the rise of blogging mean that a) young entrepreneurs get to hear the stories (the good and the bad) of people who have started their own business for inspiration, and b) they have got the perfect tool to let people know about their idea
  • Pop ups are one of many examples showing that a big office, shop floor and a large team of employees is not necessary to succeed
  • Crowd founding allows access to investments and cash in alternative ways than banks avoiding rigid criteria

All of this has been amazing,but it starts to present a different challenge – with so much information and resources available, how do young entrepreneurs wade through it all and find what they need?


That’s where organisations like Enterprise Nation come in, connecting entrepreneurs to the things that matter

  •  Other entrepreneurs – a network of thousands of people who are either starting or have started and are looking to grow
  •  Skills and knowledge – weekly webinars with experts, downloadable resources
  •  Practical events – 200 per year from how to start up to how to get stock in Sainsburys

Fundamentally, with 50% of school leavers now going on to university and an increasingly tough job market, entrepreneurship is a sought after skill and the best way to demonstrate that is by giving it a go – try turning a few ideas in to reality.

If you succeed, who knows, you might be the next Richard Branson, or at least be doing something you are passionate about rather than becoming a grey suited mood hoover

If it fails, failure is no longer a dirty word and if you’ve been smart you wont have lost much and you will have an invaluable experience that will put you in pole position to start another idea, join a small company or start a more traditional career.

If you’ve got an idea that wont leave you alone, that you get excited about, do something about it. There is no better opportunity than now.

Philp Eeles – COO and Co – Founder of Honest Burgers shares his view on the entrepreneurship

Philip started his talk about the story behind Honest Burgers.


Philp grew up in Suffolk. After studying philosophy at University and doing the usual travelling, he started Honest with his mate Tom in 2010 in Brighton when he was 27. They bought a small marquee, a griddle and a fryer and just got cracking on some events. Now Honest Burgers have restaurants in 16 locations across London.

In his point of view, entrepreneurship is all about passion, determination and being at the right time in the right place. He stressed that entrepreneurship starts with the attitude and then is followed by the skill. In such terms entrepreneurship can be and should be applied within any part of our life as entrepreneurship is not a part time or full time job but rather a lifestyle. Philip shared his experience of hiring young people within his business – only those who show the right attitude are hired even though they CV is blank.


The event concluded with a networking lunch during which attendees exchanged good practice and formed future business relations. Attendees provided us with the following feedback:

I really enjoyed the day. I was made to feel welcome from the beginning coupled with great guest speakers ending with a networking session.

It was a very informative and enjoyable event, with the speakers being inspiring and thought provoking.

A very worthwhile event – more please!

HUGE thanks to everyone who came and made it such as successful event.

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. 

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