Employability Skills Group Workshops

The aim of our workshops is to help young people to become super-employable.

Workshops Overview:

During our workshops young people are exposed to a series of practical and interactive tasks allowing them to Experience a given material. They then have a chance to  Reflect on the outcomes of the tasks in a group or one-to one basis. Next, they are presented with the key Knowledge summarising what they have learnt during the Experience and Reflective stages. Finally, young people are invited to come up with ideas or are faced with a challenge allowing them to Applylearnt information in real life situations.

Workshops Structure:

Each workshop lasts approximately 3 hours and can be delivered for a minimum 10 people or adjusted to larger groups of over 70 participants. To adapt workshops for larger groups, participants are divided into smaller groups with each group completing a range of tasks as part of the ‘Employability Challenge.’

Each workshop also can be delivered as a condensed 1.5 hour version in the form of a participatory/informative presentation.

After the workshops, our clients receive an infographic demonstrating the workshop impact while young people are invited to use our online Moodle platform to complete follow up exercises.

Workshops Topics

We have a range of topics on offer that can be divided into three categories:

  • hard employability skills necessary for successful job hunting
  • soft employability skills vital for maximising professional potential
  • enterprise skills crucial for setting up your own business

The client can choose from all available topics which can be delivered as an individual workshop or the topics can be combined together to create the best possible solution for the audience.

To find out more, click on one of the offers below:

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Offer for councils & jobseekers
Offer for NCS providers & participants

Workshops Benefits

  • Teach key employability and enterprise skills in a fun & interactive way
  • Use elements of multi-channel learning such as reasoning, vision, sound and physicality
  • Packed with practical exercises
  • Use young individuals’ past and current experience in relation to employability scenarios
  • Allows young individuals to apply learnt information in day-to-day life
  • Shape young people’s work-related skills so that they are ready for the business world
  • Tailored to meet young individuals’ needs & requirements
  • Build young people’s confidence
  • Motivate young people to take action