Discounted workshop taster sessions!

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This summer term give your students a head start in their career!

Improve their awareness of soft business skills with our discounted workshop taster sessions!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if young people were empowered with all the necessary work skills they need to make their way in the world? Whether they are approaching an employer, or negotiating a job or a placement of their dreams; it would be fantastic if they had all the skills, knowledge and confidence they need. 

Unfortunately, this is often not the case – and Employability Town is here to help. We are entirely dedicated to helping young people develop the essential work related skills they need to give them a competitive advantage in the job market.

To give you a feel for how we work and the impact our support can have on the young people we work with, we would like to offer you a discounted workshop taster session.

What’s the deal?

We will run a taster session lasting one hour at your premises on one selected topic for max. 15 young people. We will provide materials and refreshments for participants. We will deliver it for a discounted rate of only £5.99 per young person. 

What are the topics?

Choose a topic of your preference from the options below:

1. The Art of Confident Communication with Employers
2. Hidden Jobs Market & the Power of Networking
3. Be a STAR at the Interview
4. Enterprise Mind and its Perfect Business Plan
5. Be Ready for the Workplace- The Survival Kit for the Apprentices & WEX Students

How to book?

Fill in our Booking Form and we will contact you within 2 working days.