Careers Week 2016 – 3 talks for the price of 2!

Careers Week is all about giving young people a head start in any of their career choices.

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We are here to support your Careers & Progression Week 2016 by offering a range of interactive talks on soft and enterprise skills for boosting young people’s professional potential.

Download our brochure below for more details or scroll down to see the list of our topics. 

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Employability Town - Career Week 2016 - Click here to download our brochure

 Our Careers Week 2016 talks are aimed at boosting young people’s job hunting, soft business and enterprise skills. 

Our selected topics are:

Job Hunting Skills:

A set of skills and tools that will allow your students to stand out from the crowd!

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Option 1: Using LinkedIn for Job Opportunities

In the current job market, it is no longer enough to simply have a solid CV. Young job seekers now need a professional online presence to land a job. A good place to start is LinkedIn – an online networking platform that allows young people to connect with employers and recruiters. During the workshop participants will learn how to use LinkedIn to find and apply for jobs, apprenticeships and work experience placements.

Option 2: Is your CV JUICY enough to impress employers?

Learning the key principles of an effective CV that is:

  • Job relevant
  • Unique
  • Informative
  • Concise
  • presents Your soft skills

Option 3: Be a STAR at interviews. Shine!

Learning how to answer tricky interview and application questions with elaborative examples of your strengths. During the workshop students will learn the STAR technique which will allow them to impress any employer.

Option 4: The Art of Writing Successful Application Forms

Many current employers prefer young people to fill in an online application form rather than send a CV. This session will guide young people on do’s and don’ts of writing an application form. The workshop will explore in depth how to follow the application instructions, present the information concisely and sell most relevant skills, qualities and experiences, making a young person the best candidate for the vacancy.

Soft Employability Skills:

A set of skills and qualities allowing your students to thrive in any workplace environment!

Engineer Teaching Apprentice To Use Milling Machine

Option 5: Managing yourself in time

Learning a range of time management techniques to ensure successful prioritisation and focus on important rather than urgent tasks. During the workshop young people will answer such questions as:

  • How to fit your time into quadrants to be more productive.
  • How to fit lots of stones into a jar and stop procrastinating.
  • How to eat an elephant and plan the future!

Option 6: Express Yourself: Pitching Your Skills to Employers

Since we interact with each other every day, we believe that we know how to communicate effectively. Sadly, not many of us can say we have truly mastering the art of communication especially when it comes to presenting our skills to employers. During the session, young people will:

  • Identify their strengths
  • Explore methods of effective presentations
  • Prepare their “skill pitch”

Option 7:Your Perfect Future:

A workshop for the undecided students who simply are not sure what to do next in their career. This workshop allows young people to identify their strengths and preferences, gain insights into job market trends, explore successful goal settings methods and brainstorm about their next career steps.

Option 8: Your Professional Image – Dress to Impress:

We never get a second chance to generate a first good impression. The workshop allows young people to find out how to make a great first impression every time by adjusting and modelling their appearance.

During the session, young people will:

  • Learn about the importance of personal image
  • Explore how to dress to make a powerful and positive first impression
  • Explore hot tips on professional body language

 Enterprise Skills:

A set of skills and methods aimed at inspiring young people to become entrepreneurs and transform their business ideas into reality

businesswoman thinking

Option 9: Five myths about being an entrepreneur

An introduction to the world of self employment and entrepreneurship by exploring and demystifying 5 common statements about being an entrepreneur.

Option 10: From Idea to Business – A Short Guide to Entrepreneurship

The simplest way for young people to develop their enterprise skills is to start a small business. In this workshop young people will be introduced to 5 practical and universal steps that will help them to transform their idea into a real business.

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Employability Town is an Ambassador of National Careers Week 2016 – the celebration of the very best of careers guidance and opportunities available across the British Isles.