Back to School! 5 effective tips that will help you to ease into it!

Back to School

With the autumn term around the corner, follow the below tips to ease you back into the school season!

#1 Review Your Time Management Methods

With your workload reaching its peak in September, it is the perfect period to review your time management methods.Here is our blog on time quadrants to help you!

#2 Ease your Workload with Digital Apps

The modern app revolution has been huge for people working in just about every profession including teachers. Explore 5 digital apps created with the aim of helping busy teachers perform their duties more effectively.

#3 Get Inspired with TED talks

In search of inspiration or hard-won strategies for improving student learning? A 10-minute video may hold some answers for educators. Get some inspiration with TED Talks that are short, informative, and often eye-opening talks given by educators in their fields addressing all kinds of challenges.

#4 Surprise Students with something New & Funky

Want to surprise your students with something new and funky? Try Bouncy Balls – a free online meter that shows students the volume of the noise in your classroom! Try it now
Or maybe you are thinking of implementing project-based learning within your curriculum shaping enterprise skills? Explore our toolbox on entrepreneurship education to get you started.

#5 Plan your next CPD Event

It will get hectic very quickly so take time now to schedule some events to pick up some extra skills and network with fellow colleagues. Browse upcoming events this autumn at Smart Teachers.

We wish you a great time back!