5 inspiring ways for students to boost their employability during the summer break

It is almost summer – it’s time to help young people to organise a great summer break!

Even though the weather may not show it, summer is almost upon us! This means students of various educational institutions are waiting impatiently to finish their studies and enjoy the summer break.

During my recent visits to a number of Colleges for our leavers program, I could definitely see that young people are starting to look forward to the ultimate freedom of no homework and a lots of free time. However, when asked not many of them had any clear plans for how to spend their break besides “sleeping in”.

The summer break is the perfect time to boost employability and enterprise skills while still having fun and enjoying the sunshine.

So if you are working with young people, here are 5 inspiring ways for young people to do just this:


1. National Citizen Service

national_citizen_service-328x295-customOur favourite scheme that allows young people to shape a variety of skills during a 3 week long program built of adventurous residentials, interactive workshops and social action projects in local communities.  The program is aimed at 15-17 years old who live in England and Northern Ireland and there is still time to sign up!

2. Volunteering

There are a vast amount of volunteering opportunities available locally and abroad that are not only exciting but also help to truly shape young people’s skills and qualities. Our poster on volunteering displays top links for where to look for these adventurous and inspiring projects. Volunteering Poster (1107 downloads)

3. Get to know a career

timthumbIf a young person is not sure what they wish to do in their future career, the summer break is a perfect time to explore their preferences. This could be done by getting a job or work experience placement but also through a much shorter program of shadowing – the opportunity to gain insights into certain jobs as well as business processes by spending time side by side with an expert. An example of such a program is the O2 shadowing scheme for young people across the UK. Young people can find out more and search O2 current opportunities here

4. Start a businessbusiness

The simplest way for young people to develop their enterprise skills is to start a small business.  I always share the story about student who I used to work with that whilst in College started an online poetry business where one could order a poem for special occasions (e.g. birthdays). His motivation for this small enterprise was to get some pocket money but later on in life that experience helped him to get into one of the most prestigious schools in the UK! If wish to inspire young people to become entrepreneurs, share our poster on how to get started.  From Idea to Business – A Short Guide to Entrepreneurship (1242 downloads)

5. Build a creative portfolio

For creative students, the summer is a perfect time to create a portfolio showcasing their skills that will impress future employers. With the constant advancements of technology, they do not even have to spend hours organising files and creating scrapbooks – there is a range of free, online solutions to create an online portfolio that is professional and impressive. Our two picks that we have seen used in practice by College students are Coroflot and Carbonmade 

We wish your young people a fun and productive summer!