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Welcome to Employability Town

  • Our Story

    Employability Town is a training company dedicated to supporting businesses, educational establishments and youth organisations to increase the employability of young people.

    We maximize young people’s professional potential by specifically developing their soft employability and enterprise skills.

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  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to help young people to become super – employable!

    We truly believe that soft employability and enterprise skills are vital to getting a dream job, being successful at sustaining employment or starting up an enterprise.

    To find out how we are helping various organisations, please see our case studies.

  • Our Solutions

    We provide bespoke online and face-to-face training solutions helping young people to reach their full professional potential.

    Our solutions are based around the following services: Interactive Group Workshops, Online Courses and Training Resources for In House Delivery.

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It was fabulous session that has changed my perspective on employment. It pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me to present ideas to others.

— NCS Charlton Athletic Participant

Brilliant, upbeat, different! I really enjoyed it and learned a lot of useful skills for my future career. It was fun and energetic session.

— NCS Catch22 Participant

Employability Town contribution to our event was great. Klaudia has also been very helpful in giving us a good price in line with our budget and also being easy to communicate with to plan.


— NCS Engage4Life Co-ordinator

Fantastic sessions that can only but benefit the futures of all participants involved. Highly interactive and specific to the identified needs of the audience. Participants learn in a positive, high tempo atmosphere with Employability Town ensuring that the desired outcomes of the sessions are met.

— Oxfordshire NCS Co-ordinator

Always adaptable and flexible. A bespoke service especially for us. Very enthusiastic and positive presenter.

— Student Services Manager

I would highly recommend Employability Town to anyone attempting to navigate the world of work!

— Project Co-ordinator – NCS

Klaudia’s session armed our students with skills they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.  Her sessions were interesting and engaging and gave our team of young people practical information on applying for jobs, as well as helping them to identify the important “Employability” skills they already have!

— Project Co-ordinator – NCS

I enjoyed the workshop run by Klaudia as it covered all of the important and useful information on employability skills as well as had lots of fun activities and games.

— NCS participant

I have signed up on your website and completed the ‘Introduction to Employability Skills’ course. I found it very informative and it is great for first time job applicants as it provides great tips on how to become ‘super employable’.

— Student

Klaudia had interesting ways of getting her points across and encouraged engaged behaviour throughout, by showing respect and enthusing the workshop with a fantastic amount of energy.

— A Team Leader

I found the Employability Town session really effective and it seemed to get the young people thinking about various things that they would need to do in the future.

— A Team Leader (Groundwork)

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